Issue 15 “P”, 47, 48, 55, 55Б, 77, 88, 89 “S”, 89 “Т”, 95SH, 195SH, 99, RD3М, Ru-19А-300, D-18, D-30 2 ser., D-30KP, Ai-20К (М, D, Е), Ai-24 2 ser. , Ai-24VT, Ai-25TL, Ash-62, D-25V, D-136, GTD-350, TV2-117А (AG), TV3-117 (V, МТ, VM, VMA, КМ, VK), Ai-9, Ai-9v, ТА-6, ТА-6А, ТА-6B and other.
  • - Mechanism of fuel setting, fuel distributors (ADT-55RT, RTO-55F-4, RSF-25, RSF-31B, RSF-53B, RSF-55..........)
  • - Accessories of control system (AU-33А, AU-38B, AU-38B-1, AU-40А-3, LUN-6718-8 ............)
  • - Hydraulic actuator, joint accessories (KAU-120, KAU-125, BU-190А-2, RM-120, RM-130………)
  • - Valves, cocks, slider valves and other accessories (GA-140, GA-140/3, GA-142/1......)
  • - Hydraulic fuel pumps, oil pumps, vacuum pumps, augmented pumps and other (DZN-64, ND-55Б, ND-24t, NP-96АМ-2, NP-103-2 NP-107А, NP-112А, FN-53 ……..)
  • - Steering actuators, rotor control unit (RP-35, RP-60-1, RP-60-3……….)
  • - heaters, heat dissipators, cooling turbines, valves, cocks, air pressure regulating valves (attenuators) and pressure limiters
  • - aircraft wheels (KT-156-1, KT-128……. ), accessories of wheel brake control and spare parts for wheels (U2-25/3, UP-25, UA-27А-5, UA-27А-6, KT-117-110(3), KT-97-50-2NMK(1) ……..)
  • - aircraft rotors and blades for aircraft rotors and helicopters (AV-72Т s2,…….)
  • - Hoses for cabin pressurization. Canopy transparency
  • - Transmission accessories
  • - Landing gear accessories
  • - And more………
Planner Aircraft Type Tire Code Tire Model
Tu-154М 930х305 14А
800х225 12А
Aviation Process Complex "Antonov" AN-2, AN-2М 470х210
AN-24 and upgr. 700х250
AN-26 1050х400
AN-28 720х320
595х185 14А
AN-32 1050х390
AN-38 810х320-330
AN-72, 74 and upgr. 1050х390
Ilyushin Aviation Complex IL-14М 865х280
IL-18, 18D 930х305 10А
IL-62, 62М 1450х450
930х305 10А
IL-76 and upgr. 1300х480
1100х330 26А
Aviation Complex named after A.S. Yakovlev Yak-12 and upgr. 595х185 14А
Yak-18 and upgr. 500х150
Yak-40 and upgr. 1120х450
Yak-42 and upgr. 930х305 10А
930х305 10А
930х305 14А
930х305 14А
Yak-50 500х150
Yak-52 500х150
Yak-54 400х150
Yak-55 400х150
MI-2 600х180 13А
MI-8 and upgr. 865х280
595х185 14А
MI-24 and upgr. 720х320
480х200 14А
Open Joint-Stock Company "Sukhoi Design Bureau" SU-26М 400х150
SU-29, SU-31 400х150
Aircraft Research and Manufacturing Complex named after A.I.Mikoyan MIG-15 660х160 36А
480х220 14А
MIG-17 660х160 36А
480х200 14А
MIG-19 500х180 8
MIG-21 660х200 48
800х200 058А
800х200 42А
500х180 8
MIG-23 840х290
520х125 7
570х140 5
MIG-25 1300х360
MIG-27 840х360
570х140 5
MIG-29 840х290
570х140 5
MIG-31 950х300
660х200 11А
Aircraft Research and Manufacturing Complex "Sukhoi Design Bureau" SU-15 880х230 31А
660х200 11А
SU-22 880х230 31А
660х200 11А
SU-24 950х300
660х200 11А
660х200 017А
SU-25 840х360
660х200 11А
660х200 017А
SU-27 1030х350
680х260 016А
  • - Automatic systems of angle-of-attack and overload, critical conditions, trimming
  • - Inertial navigation systems and navigation instrumentation. Attitude and heading reference systems
  • - Autopilot, Astronomical navigation systems
  • - Digital data computers and systems
  • - Altimeters, indicators unit, sensors of altitude and air speed
  • - Climb indicator, indicator of climbing speed and pressure variation, air-flow rate
  • - Gyro instruments and sensors, vibration damper
  • - Data systems of altitude and speed parameters, air data system.
  • - Meters and vibration sensors, SOV rotor speed indicator unit, pressure metering systems, pressure sensors
  • - Indicators, pointers and sensors of aircraft elements position, control mechanisms and systems
  • - Air and hydraulic manometers, vacuum pressure gauge
  • - Navigational data computers, reference units of altitude and speed
  • - Indicators of impact air pressure, Mach number, angle of attack. Compression rate sensors DSSA. Indicator unit
  • - Fuel metering systems
  • - Kerosene metering devices, gasoline gauges, manometers, level switches
  • - Temperature meters, thermocouple probes, collectors, temperature-measuring systems, thermostats
  • - Aviation clock, stop watches, meters, electric clock, time sensors and markers
  • - And more…
  • - VHF, UHF, HF radiosets
  • - Communication devices
  • - Recorders and voice communication equipment
  • - Radio equipment for aircraft piloting
  • - Radio equipment for short-rang and long-range navigation
  • - Doppler navigation systems
  • - Radioaltimeters
  • - Radio range finders
  • - Identification radio equipment
  • - Equipment for announcing and active response
  • - Electrical units (Sensors, Generators, Converters, Autosyns, Transformers, Amplifiers, Electric motors)
  • - Spare parts
  • - And more …….
  • - Test and control equipment for checking aircraft equipment and engines
  • - Test and control equipment for checking aircraft and radioelectronic equipment
  • - Measurement and control equipment of general designation
  • - Special joint systems for checking and tuning aircraft equipment
  • - Flight and technical protection equipment (SHTZ, SHL, SHZ ...)
  • - High-altitude equipment (KM-34D, ZSH-5, ZSH-7AP)
  • - Navigational equipment
  • - Spare parts
  • - Recovery parachutes.
  • - Recovery parachute systems
  • - Training parachutes
  • - Sport parachutes
  • - Assault parachute
  • - Standby parachutes
  • - Parachute-braking systems
  • - Parachute devices
  • - Rescue floating means
  • - Ground strips, appliances and other equipment
  • - Portable emergency supplies and separate items
  • - Spare parts for paraborne equipment
  • - hydraulic elevators, holding frames
  • - installations and appliances intended for charging aircraft systems with fluids and gases
  • - tow bars, stepladders, blocks, plugs
  • - special cargo trays and appliances
  • - protective cases for aircraft and helicopters
  • - means for preservation of aircraft engines and devices
  • - Aircraft laquer and paint materials, primers, sealants, glues
  • - Standard parts (rivets, bolts, screws…)
  • - Chemical products
  • - Electrical process materials (wiring, insulation…)
  • - Radioset parts (capacitors, resistors, semiconductor items…)
  • - Aircraft lubricants and oils
  • - Rubber process items
  • - Fitter’s special tools
  • - And more …